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Families and businesses come to Naperville to set roots and grow. But we’re at a crossroads now, with our ability to maintain why people come here potentially at risk. The future of our city depends on which direction we go.

That’s why I’m running for Naperville City Council—I want to preserve what makes Naperville a destination. 

We must protect our property values and the investments made by homeowners across our community as the city continues to expand. For many Naperville families, their home is their primary investment. When property values decrease, school districts suffer, spending in town shrinks, and Naperville becomes a less sought-after community.

Our elected leaders must understand that the decisions they make have a direct effect on home values and the future of Naperville families. 

When I decided to relocate my young family, I was attracted to Naperville for its commitment to low-density housing and its diverse, yet tightly knit community. We must maintain that. Most of our critical infrastructure in Naperville, including many public services, was designed with low-density housing in mind so it’s imperative we have solutions in place that don’t alter that and negatively affect our homeowners. And keeping housing affordable is important, especially for those like civic employees and seniors, to help maintain an equal living environment.

We should encourage economic growth to maintain our status as a premier place to do business. Using my experience as an entrepreneur, I will push for the city to incentivize innovation and minimize the barriers to entry for new businesses in Naperville.

With working families hurting from inflation and a lagging economy, it is more important than ever our local government holds the line on taxes and fees. With outside factors like rising utility and energy costs making life even less affordable for our residents, I’ll fight to safeguard taxpayer dollars and keep spending in check to keep local government costs as affordable as possible for our homeowners, taxpayers, and residents. 

And we need to continue to keep families safe. One of our greatest community assets is our safe neighborhoods, and Naperville is blessed with perhaps the finest police force in the Chicagoland area. We are consistently ranked among some of the safest communities of our size, and my experience on the Naperville Human Rights and Fair Housing Council has taught me that the partnership between law enforcement and our community is strong. 

I’ll work with our police to maintain a safe community. We must continue to invest in advanced training so our public safety officials are equipped with the tools and knowledge they need. I believe we can continue to strengthen public safety by embracing technological advancements. And we should explore creating a community task force that creates a line of communication between our community and police so residents can advise and assist our police department in their efforts to keep us safe. 

In order for us to protect property values, encourage economic growth, and maintain a safe community, we need experienced leaders with the ability to work cooperatively with our community on complex issues such as managing the city budget. With over 30 years of senior leadership experience, I an uniquely qualified to serve Naperville in this role.

This election, please vote for me, Nag Jaiswal, for Naperville City Council so I can preserve what makes Naperville a destination.

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A copy of our report filed with the State Board of Elections is (or will be) available on the Board’s official website ( or for purchase from the State Board of Elections, Springfield, Illinois.
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